Well, it’s finally done! I wrapped up Part Three quite quickly as I didn’t want this whole thing to get too long. It’s designed to be “basics of the basics” and non-confusing for anyone who’s preparing to get into lolita, including general preparation, putting an outfit together, and finally, how to handle your first meet in terms of what people expect from you - because a lot of girls seem to think we expect to meet a caricature of some kind!

Part One

Part Two

Part Three (Disclaimer: You should not take offence at anything contained within, it’s all based on my and my comm’s experiences and is not meant to define the opinion of the lolita community as a whole!)

I agree with everything except the kink part. Their behavior has nothing to do with fetishes; it’s purely individuals being inappropriate and not knowing common decency. Most fetishists wont announce their kinks, and will only mention them if asked directly.

That’s true, I was just trying to keep it simple; I’m not saying everyone with a fetish is like this (I know 99% of them aren’t!), I was referring to the handful of people who have come into our comm with this strange air of expectancy, as if they honestly thought lolita was sexual for all it’s participants. I’ll clarify that later, I don’t want to encourage anyone to think all age players, etc, are creepy.